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[HPRPG] Passing of the Torch
So as you know, if you're following HPRPG at all, it is extremely dead right now. Not going anywhere fast. And I've kinda been drifting away from RPGVXA as it is. So I saw fit to pass on the torch (titledrop) to an eager maker by the name of DiegoChiqui!

There's still work to be done! Luigi's House is slowly but surely coming together, and I really like what it's becoming so far~!
Here's wishing Mr. Diego the best of luck, and hoping he can see Mr. Potter through to completion!
A Byte-Sized Gallery
I've done quite a bit of sprite editing in my time, and I've drawn a bit in Paint, as you can see from my profile. I found myself wondering if I could take a stab at making my own sprites. That's basically what this is.

Here we have myself, of course, my buddy Shadey Frost/Luigiandmario123456, the Marios and the Warios!

Most of these were based on the style of the RPG Maker MV character sets, save the one Axel sprite thats thinner and smaller than the rest. I went for more of a "Chrono Trigger" type look there. Which do you think looks better?

Background ripped from Final Fantasy III (NES), copyright SQUARE ENIX.
If anybody's interested, I've set up my own Discord server!

Crimzon Silver Studios is for aspiring game designers and game modders to meet and share their ideas!

If you like the idea of working together to bring your stories and worlds to life, pop on in! We'd love to have you~!
Cierra the Blue Fae (CrimZon SilVer)
Birthday/Age: July 21, 0055 / 19
Birthplace: Cerridwen's Hollow, Gondorma
Race: Blue Fae
Hobbies: Gem carving, singing, playing the ocarina
Special Skills: Fae Sonata (Fairy song imbued with magic), 
Favorite Food: Sugar cubes
Likes: Gems, keeping Axel out of trouble
Hates: Drow (dark elves), birds, keeping Axel out of trouble

Weapon - Dragontooth Ocarina (Gift from Axel's mother, Alexa)
Head - n/a
Torso - Silk Vest
Legs - Tight Black Pants
Feet - n/a
Accessories - n/a

FIGHTING STYLE: Fae Sonata (Magic of song: Blue Fae use songs of nature magic for healing and plant-based attacks)

-Minuet de Cultivare (Revitalizes the target's life energy, or Vita, assuming that the target is a living creature or plants)
-And such


In the land of Gondorma, when a child is born in the forest of Cerridwen, a fae is born at the same time. Bound to each other at birth, the forest child and the fae must protect one another with their lives. Such is the way of Cerridwen's Hollow. Such is the way it always has been.

Cierra and Axel Voss are one such pair. Cierra is Axel's guardian, friend, and big sister (in spirit anyway), and she follows him everywhere, much to his chagrin. She loves Axel, as any sister would, and does her best to keep him out of harm's way and in line with the rules of the village. More often than not, she just ends up nagging him half to death while he goes off on his adventures. Thankfully for him, Cici is small enough to shut inside a small jar when she becomes unbearable. Though she is small, she'll do anything to help her "little brother," even if it goes against his parents' wishes.

The Fae of Gondorma come in all varieties, categorized by colour. Blue fae in particular are known for their love of the goddess Cerridwen's beautiful creations of nature, and they use their song to tend to flora and fauna. Cierra's particular favorite fairy songs revitalize the spirit and restore magical energy, or Mana.
I've been thinking. I mean, I do that anyway, but I've been thinking about the whole game designer thing, ya know? So many game projects I conceptualized, started, and never finished. Left their doors hanging wide open, put one foot in the doorway, or sealed them off indefinitely. I wondered just how many ideas I dropped, how many possibilities I've skipped out on. And so I started this.

This little bugger is what I like to call my Wall of Shame. It's a collage of concept art and screenshots from games I've wanted to and have started to make. I started it just so I could look back on all my old ideas, nostalgia and all that. I also wanted a nice way to show you all of my old projects, and see what you'd think of them.

Now, it'd be silly of me to just post this and not explain any of the concepts behind the games, so allow me to learn ya the history (in no particular chronological order) of the video game designers' group (consisting of one man), Crimzon Silver.

1.) MarioMon - Professor E. Gadd has perfected the technology behind Catch Cards -- special trading cards that can capture monsters. He's re-engineered these cards to be able to catch, store, and release any sentient being, revolutionizing the future of transport! Bowser catches wind of the professor's breakthrough, and sends his minions to steal the Catch Cards so he can use them to kidnap the entire Mushroom Kingdom! It's up to Mario (or Luigi) to take the few remaining Catch Cards and use them to beat Bowser at his own monster-catching game!

2.) Luigi's House (Super Luigi RPG) - What does Luigi do when Mario is off rescuing the princess anyway? Well, mostly he just minds the house and does chores. Mundane stuff. On one particular occasion, Luigi finds that the house's entire plumbing system is jammed with some unknown super-clog! The only way he's gonna get it cleared up is to track down the ingredients for his patented Mario Bros. Clog Cleaner! Joined by his fellow second bananas, Luigi goes on a quest of his own to save his pipes!

3.) CrimZon SilVer - An original game (the only one on this list) about my character Axel Voss. As a young boy living in a fantasy land, he accidentally discovers the power to travel to Other Worlds, releasing an unspeakable evil into his own World in the process! He must travel from World to World joined by heroes from each as he tries to find his way back home.

4.) Smash Fantasy - I don't even know what the story for this one was going to be. I just know it was a Super Smash Bros. RPG with an ATB battle system featuring Cloud Strife as the main protagonist. There was a lot of FFVII influence in this one.

5.) Dragon Warrior: Dragon's Descent (Matthew Quest) - A recreation of the original Dragon Quest for NES, starring my little brother Matthew. This is a game I worked on as a birthday present to him. I hope I can finish it in time this year: he'll be 10!!

6.) Triple Mushroom Decadent - A short episode for Super Mario Bros. X meant to be a tribute for Mario's 30th anniversary. It uh... it didn't quite make it. Mostly an excuse to use MegaMit's amazing custom sprites.

7.) Harry Potter for SMBX - An attempt to take Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and turn it into a side-scrolling platformer. Yeah. I know.

8.) Super Mario RPG 2: The Dream Thief - A pseudo-sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I say it's a sequel only in that the visual style is kind of reminiscent of SMRPG's, Peach and Bowser are playable characters, and the game itself would make references to SMRPG a lot. The story follows Mario and the party as they fight back against the return of their old nemesis, Wart, who is trying to break out of Subcon and take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Kirby's there, too, because dreams.

9.) Videogeddon - Think "Captain N: The Game Master," if it were an RPG, and if the creators actually did any research into the games the product portrayed. You are an average turbo-nerd in the 1990's, big Nintendo fan. Then the Ultimate Warp Zone or something pulls you into the world of electronic video games, the Videolands. You are dubbed "Captain N" and are tasked with uniting the NES game worlds in solidarity as the era of 16-bit gaming threatens to wipe out their very existence.

10.) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - A detailed adaptation of the first Harry Potter story, using the books, movies, and official games as reference to create the most detailed and immersive Hogwarts experience possible in RPG Maker VX Ace.

11.) Super Smash Bros. Apocalypse - A Smash Bros. fan game that was meant to play like an exact replica of the official games, but in a 2-D pixel art style. It would include every character to ever appear in a Smash game, including such newcomers as Waluigi, the Baby Mario Bros, Zero, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Inuyasha, Haru Glory, Toad, Pokémon Trainer Ethan, Krystal, Gooey, Paper Mario... (I guess Super Smash Bros. Crusade kinda beat me to this one)

12.) Pokémon Battle Nation - A side-scrolling Pokémon action RPG that takes the player across every known nation (up to Unova at the time!) on an epic Pokémon journey to end all journeys! You'd control your Pokémon in the field and battle opponents by running around, jumping, and attacking with four different keys mapped to your Pokémon's moves.

13.) Super Mario Story: Twilight Tales - One of my very first fan game concepts. Mario and company are transported to a mysterious ruined dimension known as the Twilight Realm. Here, they meet alternate-universe versions of the Mario Bros, named Maria and Giana.

14.) Zelda Advance - Imagine if EVERY Zelda game was Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. That's this game.
I really, really wish I had a way to upload my drawings to deviantART, but I have no scanner and no decent camera. So until then...
Man, this game is addictive! As you may as seen, I've been recreating and creating characters left and right! But I'm starting to slow down a bit... I need ideas.

Anybody have requests for characters for me to recreate in the Rinmaru style? I'm totally open to ideas! Let me have it!
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  • Watching: My brothers driving me batshit
  • Playing: Tekkit
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  • Drinking: Air


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Mario Brother, Monster Trainer, Brony, (Whatever the Zelda fanbase is called), Dragon Warrior, Potterhead, part-time Video Game Designer, Game Freak, etc.


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